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VisionDSM – The industry-leading DSM Tracking & Management Platform

Tracking is a critical piece of demand-side management (DSM), energy efficiency, renewables and demand reduction (DR) programs that can be difficult to get right. It is sometimes completely overlooked when designing the program portfolio.

AEG offers a number of IT solutions for its clients. We can assist in the development of functional requirements for tracking, participate as the owner’s representative as the application is being developed and ensure that the system was delivered according to the specifications of its clients. AEG offers a cloud-based hosted portfolio tracking software system entitled VisionDSMTM.

The VisionDSM software solution provides our clients with a proven application framework to manage the entire DSM portfolio and program life-cycle. From developing program requirements, specifying operating rules, processing applications, supporting rebate processing and payments to delivering regulatory compliance and management reporting — VisionDSM is there to assist you every step of the way.

With system interfaces built to many of the industry’s top program implementation vendors, VisionDSM enables a rapid deployment and low cost of ownership solution for utilities, State governments and energy services companies.

To date, we have tracked over 8 million applications and more than $4Billion in incentives within AEG’s systems.

VisionDSM with CRM is Here!

Fully integrated customer relationship management that enables utilities to track the full lifecycle of customer engagement from initial contact through opportunity development and application submittal.

Please email Tim Maslak or call 631-881-7116 for more details!

Over $4Billion in Incentives Tracked!

AEG EE/DR Tracking System Metrics Totals
as of February 1, 2018
Number of Utilities and Governments Supported
Number of Programs
Applications Processed
Total MWh Impacts
Total MW Impacts
Total Therm Impacts
Total Rebated $
Total Carbon Dioxide Reduction (lbs)*
* assumes 1.523 lb non-baseline CO2 per kWh and 11.023 lb non-baseline CO2 per Therm (EPA)
For more information about VisionDSM, please contact:

Timothy Maslak
Senior Vice President – IT Services
Applied Energy Group, Inc.
1377 Motor Parkway, Suite 401
Islandia, NY 11749
(631) 881-7116

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