Meet the new VisionDSM

Meet the newly enhanced VisionDSM, the market-leading energy efficiency, demand response, and renewable energy portfolio management platform. A fully configurable, scalable, and secure cloud-system.

Trusted By Industry Experts

Used by 98 utilities, government, and state agencies; supporting nearly 2,000 programs.

Flexible, secure, and refined with decades of experience and expertise.


  • Native workflow and calculation engine
  • Highly configurable user interface
  • Embedded benefit-cost modeling and data validation


  • Manage all your utilities under one platform
  • Manage all levels of programs, sectors and portfolios
  • Multi-level role-based access-right management

Centralized Program Management

  • “Hands on” programs, savings and financials
  • 360-degree program lifecycle management
  • Measure, equipment & contractor management

Powerful Reporting and Analytics

  • Provide exceptional business insights at your fingertips
  • Build new tools and functions with no customization
  • Report across multiple programs with ease
  • Automated regulatory reporting

VisionDSM Impacts

Managing 20+ Million Applications
550 Million Energy Efficient Measures Installed
Facilitating $6+ Billion in Incentive Payments
55 TWh/
228 M Therms
55TWh/228M Therms of Energy Savings Achieved

All you need is one Vision.

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  • Established and proven (trusted by over 98 organizations)
  • Powerful native rules and calculation engine
  • Fully API Driven
  • Developed and Supported by DSM industry experts

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